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Old Print Giclees Product Offerings

    All of the historic reproductions offered by Old Print Giclees are exact reproductions from original historic documents that were scanned on the Cruse Scanner. All printing is done on the Epson 9800 using Epson UltraChrome K3 ink technology. Breathing Color fine art papers and canvas materials are used for printing on fine art paper or canvas and have been tested for archival preservation for at least 100 years by The Fine Art Trade Guild. The historic reproductions are giclees and are accompanied with certificates of authenticity.

    Each document reproduced is unique and variable in size and condition. The documents have PPI resolutions as high as 600 PPIs. The high resolutions permit the smallest documents to be printed on the long side at least 40 inches tall.

    Since each document is unique in size, our pricing is based on an optional print length of the long side of the document. By selecting a length for the long side the short side will be calculated proportionally. If a size is needed that is not listed in our pricing options, please contact OPG so that a price can be quoted. Also, imperfections due to age and wear are clearly seen on reproductions.

      As part of our continued commitment for preserving history, we are always looking for historic documents. Let us reproduce your historic document at a discounted price (shipping and printing is additional but we will provide you with a Cruse scanned image) in exchange for allowing the reproduction to be placed on this site for resale.

    If you have historic, out of copyright documents that you would like to have sold after they have been reproduced, contact us about our auction services.

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